Judo Saskatchewan Referee Committee

  • Robb Karaim, (Chair)
  • Lorna Hattum-Snider
  • Jack Karaim

To enhance refereeing in Saskatchewan by active referee recruitment, providing training through formal seminars and clinics and to provide developmental opportunities for all levels of referees. 
Referee duties:
To referee and judge with fairness and impartiality within the rules of the competition. 
To attend seminars and clinics to stay current with the IJF rules. 
To maintain a positive attitude towards refereeing and the rules and towards the athletes and coaches. 
The Referee Committee is looking to seek out Judo members interested in starting or continuing their referee journey. For more information, check out the Provincial Referee Pathways

 If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any member of the Judo Sask Referee Committee.




Active Referee page last updated: April 2022 

Active Referee Club
IJF Continental ---
Robb Karaim Regina Y Judo Club
Ross Kostron Judo Sask
National A ---
Kim Bergey-Kaip Shinmura Judo Club
Jack Karaim Regina Y Judo Club
Maxx Karaim Regina Y Judo Club
Lorna Hattum Snider Shinmura Judo Club
National B ---
Sahara Kaip Shinmura Judo Club
Daniel Ko Shinmura Judo Club
National C ---
Cyrus Kaip Shinmura Judo Club
Provincial A ---
Leann Huang Regina Y Judo Club
Matthew Huang Regina Y Judo Club
Andre Kiley Regina Y Judo Club
Eldon Li Regina Y Judo Club
Provincial B ---
Russ Burton Shinmura Judo Club
Olesia Dunn Moose Jaw Koseikan Judo Club
Provincial C ---
Anna Dornstauder U of R Judo Club
Daniel Horvey Regina Y Judo Club
Anna Li U of R Judo Club
Provincial D ---
Azra Benic Saskatoon Judo Club
Zachary Kanasevich Vibank Judo Club
Alexander Ko Shinmura Judo Club
Andrew MacLeod Queen City Judo Club
Raylynn Maerz Moose Jaw Koseikan Judo Club
Paul McKay Regina Y Judo Club
Blake Remple Swift Current Judo Club
Don Wilson Shinmura Judo Club
Kenzie Woods Moose Jaw Koseikan Judo Club