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Judo Saskatchewan is a member of Sask Sport and Judo Canada, which is recognized by the International Judo Federation as the governing body of Judo in Canada.

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Judo Saskatchewan hosts various exciting events throughout the Judo Calendar year.

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We have many top quality coaches and referees in Saskatchewan all powered by an active volunteer base.

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Recent News

New Grading and Kata Committees

On December 3, 2021, Judo Saskatchewan was advised that Judo Canada had taken a decision to separate Kata Development and Grading into two independent committees.  The Judo Canada Grading Committee will continue to be chaired by Daniel De Angelis and the Judo Canada Kata Committee will be chaired by Mohamad Hassani.  Kimberly Bergey Kaip was appointed to the Judo Canada Kata Committee.
The Judo Saskatchewan Board has aligned our committees with the Judo Canada model.  The Board consulted with the high dans and selected the three highest ranks to be on the Provincial Grading Committee.

Provincial Grading Committee
Chairperson Dale Richard Berglund (Rokudan)
Member       Kimberly Bergey Kaip  (Rokudan)
Member       Robb Karaim           (Rokudan)

The Board then consulted with the high dans and others and selected our highest certified kata judge and two of our kata clinicians to be on the Provincial Kata Committee and lead us in kata development.

Provincial Kata Committee
Chairperson Kimberly Bergey Kaip (Rokudan)
Member      Jack Karaim               (Sandan) 
Member      Maxx Karaim              (Sandan)

All appointments are effective immediately and will be effective until the next AGM in November 2022.
We extend many thanks to the outgoing members of the Grading Committee for their dedicated service over many years.

Map Grant Submission Period

Map Grant Submission Period has opened for the 2022-2023 Season. Please check out the Membership Assistance Grants for more details!

For most recent news

For the most up-to-date news on our athletes, please check out our Judo Saskatchewan Facebook Page.

Judo Sask AGM 2021

Judo Sask just had their annual AGM. If you missed it, or you would like to know what was on the agenda or the meeting notes please check the Membership page for the Minutes or the Annual Report.



Congrats to our new 2 Rokudan! 

Sensei Kimberly Bergey Kaip & Sensei Robb Karaim were graded by Judo Canada to their 6th Dan belts, this past September 2021.



Events Coming Up

The Referee Committee is looking to seek out Judo members interested in starting or continuing their referee journey. Referee Development Form 
For more information, check out the Judo Sask Referee Information & the Provincial Referee Pathways !!
Nage-No-Kata ONLINE Judge Certification course Held by Judo Canada - January 29th 11:00-13:00 CT  (12:00-14:00 ET)
Judo Canada Sign Up Page

Elite Nationals - January 15-16, 2022 - Technical Package Cancelled due to COVID.

Referee Clinic - January 23, 2022 - Regina Cancelled due to COVID.

Gokyo Grading Clinic - February 6, 2022 - Regina Cancelled due to COVID.

Pacific International - Richmond - March 11-13, 2022

Edmonton International + Training Camp - April 22-24, 2022 More details to follow.

Open Nationals - May 19-22. 2022

Judo Sask Black Belt Grading - Location TBD - June 4, 2022

2 Day Kata Clinic with Gord Okamura and Kelly Palmer - Location TBD - June 18-19, 2022

Judo Sask Summer Camp - Rosthern Junior College - August 14 – 20, 2022

Kata Clinic - August 20-21, 2022

Canada Cup - Montréal - TBD

Jeux Du Canada Games - PEI - February 2023

For more Details Check the Events Calendar. 

Upcoming Judo Sask PD Events
If you are interested in doing the Dojo Instructor course, please e-mail Dale Berglund.  If there is enough interest (8 people +), a course will be planned for this winter/spring.  Requirements are trained DA or certified DA and rank of Ikkyu.  Note:  to be certified DI, you must be Shodan or higher. For upcoming PD events for Coaches please check the NCCP page for more details.

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