Coaching Development Committee

  • T. V. Taylor (Chairperson)
  • Josh Hagen
  • Dale Berglund
  • Nancy Filteau
  • Greg Cooper

Coaching is as exhilarating as when a new athlete gains a new skill. All coaches for Judo are well trained in the Long Term Athletic Development Model and are continually learning how to serve the Judo community better.

We strive to be on top of the latest techniques and concepts for getting athletes to the next level. Coaches who are looking to continue training have many opportunities to take professional development in our coaching community.

To be a coach at the club level there are a number of requirements that must be completed:

1. Minimum Dojo Assistant working with a Dojo Instructor in good standing in the National Coaching Certification Program.*
* (An alternate training path is also available on linked page.)

2. Criminal Reference Check with vulnerable sector screening.*
*(vulnerable sector screening is required for all Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Trainers, Managers, Chaperones, Officials and volunteers)

3. Completion of Respect in Sport as part of NCCP status.

4. Minimum Rank of Sankyu for Dojo Assistant position and Shodan for Community Coach or Dojo Instructor certification.

4. Registered member of good standing with Judo Saskatchewan and Judo Canada.