To enhance refereeing in Saskatchewan by active referee recruitment, providing training through formal seminars and clinics and to provide developmental opportunities for all levels of referees. 

Judo Alberta & Judo Saskatchewan are co-hosting a FREE online 2 Part Junior Referee Seminar taking place on March 2nd & March 9th, 2021 (6PM AB/7PM SK). 

Anyone interested can sign up today with the form link below:

Junior Referee Seminar Sign Up Form


Referee duties:
To referee and judge with fairness and impartiality within the rules of the competition. 
To attend seminars and clinics to stay current with the IJF rules. 
To maintain a positive attitude towards refereeing and the rules and towards the athletes and coaches. 

Judo Saskatchewan Referee Committee

  • Robb Karaim, IJF B (Continental) (Chair)
  • Ross Kostron, National A
  • Kim Bergey-Kaip, National A

Becoming a Referee

Rules and Regulations


Active Referee Club
IJF B Continental  ---
Robb Karaim Regina Y Judo Club
National A  ---
Kim Bergey Kaip Avonhurst Judo Club
Ross Kostron Avonhurst Judo Club
Maxx Karaim Regina Y Judo Club
National B  ---
Dean McGarry Lloydminster Judo Club
Lorna Hattum Snider Avonhurst Judo Club
National C  ---
Jack Karaim Regina Y Judo Club
Ryan Potts Watrous Ju no Ri Club
Provincial B  ---
Russ Burton Avonhurst Judo Club
Sahara Kaip Avonhurst Judo Club
Cyrus Kaip Avonhurst Judo Club
Eldon Li Regina Y Judo Club
Provincial C  ---
Levi Couzens Avonhurst Judo Club
Thomas Kehrig Avonhurst Judo Club
Emily Snook Avonhurst Judo Club
Thomas Huang Regina Y Judo Club
Matthew Huang Regina Y Judo Club
Provincial D  ---
Kristian Heinrichs Avonhurst Judo Club
Houman Alimardani Regina Y Judo Club
Anna Dornstauder Regina Y Judo Club
Kade Chabot Watrous Ju no Ri Club
Simon Vanthuyne Watrous Ju no Ri Club