Judo Saskatchewan Kata Committee

  • (Chairperson) - Dale Burglund
  • Susan Clark
  • Sydney Clark
  • Jeff Irvine
    John Renouf

Structure Chart 2023



Kids & Youth Kata

Teaching young people judo kata could be investing in future World Champions!
Kata is one of the fastest growing competitive aspects of judo all over the world. It is recognized by the IJF and they have plans to grow world level competitions alongside shiai. Nationally there are categories for U14, U16, and U23. Internationally there are categories for U23.

Kata for kids and youth provide an opportunity for judoka to practice, learn, and demonstrate fundamental judo movements (kuzushi, tsukuri, and kake) for an audience with feedback.
By learning kata and participating in kata competitions we are expanding the competition community. Competitors and instructors are already at tournaments, why not compete in kata as well? Kata improves shiai and shiai improves kata – they are mutually beneficial.

Kata for kids and youth is also a way to include those who choose not to, or are unable to, compete in shiai judo. By encouraging young people, teens, and especially young women to compete in kata, they can stay involved in the judo community in a low impact, low stress way. Too many young people stop doing judo when they decide shiai isn’t for them. Competitive kata is a way to keep them in judo, active, and involved!

In addition to the traditional Kodokan kata, there is now a new form developed by the Kodokan and IJF that specifically focuses on teaching kids kata/judo. It is called Kodomo no kata.  More information about this kata can be found here: 
The IJF Releases the New Version of the Kodomo-No-Kata  
Kano Society Bulletin: Kodomo-no-kata – Forms for Children
Kodomo-no-Kata: KODOKAN Official YouTube Channel


Kata Resources

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